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Adidas Adipower Light 3.2 2023 by Martita Ortega

AED 1,050.00
If you prefer a lighter racket to experience a more comfortable and quicker game, then the ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.2 allows this option while not giving up on the latest technology. With the DUAL EXOESKELETON technology with carbon fibre inserts, you'll can generate more power and boost your attacking game. In addition, you can achieve greater ball control and effects such as spin thanks to the SPIN BLADE technology. In a bid to find the perfect balance between power and comfort, Adipower have included both the EVA SOFT ENERGY rubber and the 24K ALUMINISED CARBON surface. As such, this is a unique racket for unique players, a proven so as it the choice for adidas player, Martita Ortega.

The DUAL EXOSKELETON technology consists of a structure of double-height carbon ribs that reinforce the racquet's core and frame. This increases the racket's rigidity and torsional resistance, providing a greater sensation of consistency on all hits and greater power in attacks.

The SPIN BLADE MOLD system is a rough 3D relief inserted into the racquet mould, which provides greater grip on the ball and helps you to generate more spin on your spin hits.

An outer carbon rib in the racquet frame provides greater rigidity to the entire structure. A system that is incorporated into the most aggressive rackets to achieve greater power when hitting the ball.

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  • Game type: Control
  • Level: PRO
  • Format: Round
  • Balance: Even (265 mm)
  • Weight: 345-360gr
  • Surface: 460 cm2
  • Lenght: 455 mm
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Protector: Tape 3M
  • Rubber: Eva Soft Energy
  • Fiber: Carbon Aluminized 24k
  • Dual Exoeskeleton
  • Power Embossed Ridge
  • Spin Blade
  • Smart Holes Curve
  • Structural Reinforcement
  • Model: Adipower
  • Collection: 2023
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