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Bullpadel Hack 03

AED 1,200.00
The Hack 03 is a top-of-the-range padel racket, made with materials of impeccable quality. It is also defined by great durability thanks to several areas of reinforcement around the frame of the racket.

With a weight of between 365-375 grams, the Bullpadel Hack 03 is quite demanding and rather reserved for aggressive players of good level who are looking to add power to finish the points.

Bullpadel uses for the internal core of the Bullpadel Hack 03 padel racket, a MultiEva foam . This technology in two layers of EVA foam of different density provides good rigidity and a longer life to the racket for a very good feeling of control on impact with the ball. The Multi Eva foam also keeps the necessary power quality during offensive phases such as smashes or powerful volleys.

For the outer core, on the surface, the padel racket of the player Paquito Navarro is made of a "TriCarbon" fiber coating . This technology consists of the assembly of several finer and lighter carbon fibers in a three-dimensional way. This interlacing gives the racquet a better reactivity to the strike for a better performance on the ground. To put it simply, this process makes the Hack 03 22 more resistant, with very good impact control as well as maximum power during finishing smashes.

At the level of the frame of the pala, Bullpadel uses CarbonTube technology in 100% carbon . This bidirectional interlacing process of the racket frame guarantees optimal mechanical response. To sum up, CarbonTube offers the Bullpadel Hack 03 great strength as well as a perfect balance between power and control.

Bullpadel's Hack and Vertex ranges use the new "Metals-hield" framework. This Bullpadel innovation adapts perfectly to the new "CustomWeight" weight distribution system which allows you to modify the balance of the racket according to the needs of each player.

A CW Aluminum protector also protects the frame of the racket. This innovative, flexible and light system is integrated into the frame of all Bullpadel rackets in the Pro Line collection, such as Hack or Vertex.

To offer a more manoeuvrable racquet and thus compensate for the weight at the head of the racquet, Bullpadel has developed the "Air React Channel" system. The air passes through the heart of the racket through an open channel which increases its aerodynamics and thus an optimal gain in handling.

For padel players in love with spin, Bullpadel offers additional 3D Grain technology as well as a distribution of holes in a polygonal shape. You will not be disappointed with the rough and maneuverable result of the Hack 03 padel racket to accentuate the spin in each of your ball strikes.

Regarding the strength of the racket , The Bullpadel brand offers, for this new version, a new system at the heart of the "Hack" racket as well as "Nerve" channels on the sides of the frame which consolidate the racket for the make it more resistant but also to restore as much power as possible during smashes in particular.

Equipped with an anti-vibration system "Vibradrive" , which greatly reduces the vibrations of the racket, the Bullpadel Hack 03 padel racket guarantees you maximum playing comfort while avoiding possible injuries caused by too many vibrations.

Latest technology (and surely the most famous) present at the level of the handle of Hack 03, the famous Hesacore Grip. This "honeycomb" shaped grip provides better grip for the handle. It reduces vibration, stress and the risk of injury.

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