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Babolat Sensa Women

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With the increasing number of female players in the sport of padel, it is a matter of course to develop products especially for them. Babolat's brand new women's collection of padel shoes are 100% developed for female feet. A slimmer design provides lighter and more flexible shoes, all to facilitate footwork.

Together with Mondo, official grass supplier to the WPT, and the rubber expert Michelin, Babolat has further improved its padel shoes. The pattern of the sole is now 0.5mm deeper than before to provide increased grip on both courses with a lot of sand and without sand as well as increased durability.
A more flexible rubber is used to make the shoe more compliant so as not to get stuck in the grass on courses without sand.

The special pattern consists of both small studs and zigzag patterns. The studs grip the grass while the zigzag pattern grips the sand. The result is a perfect grip, both on padel courts with a lot of sand and those with less sand.

The front part of the sole is ultra-flexible and bendable thanks to the new 360° Flex technology to follow the padel's unique movement pattern. Following the ball in the corners and rotating with the ball path is made easier thanks to the fact that a larger part of the sole is in contact with the ground. The durability of the sole is guaranteed by Michelin, the rubber expert who is a leader in tire manufacturing.

The foot has a perfect contact with the shoe thanks to Power Straps technology that locks the center of the foot and encloses it with the help of 2 straps. Together with the high heel cap, a stability is offered that is difficult to find among other shoe brands on the market.

The top of the forefoot of the shoe is woven in a soft and flexible fabric for maximum comfort and breathability. The shoe is very flexible and transports moisture away from the inside very well.

The heel area is equipped with KPRS-X, which is a proprietary damping system that minimizes shocks for more comfo
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