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4ON Total Dry Spray

AED 95.00
TotalDry from 4on is for you if you want to reduce hand sweat with the goal of a dry grip.

The product is a non-sticky and odorless product.

TotalDry is a spray without chalk and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Has been developed especially for racquet sports and has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish padel player, Daniel Windahl.

TotalDry is applied to your wrist and both sides of the hand. The product must then penetrate the skin for approximately 5-10 minutes before maximum effect. Reapply when necessary.

Apply to wrist, palm and upper hand. Be sure to try to cover as much surface area as possible to limit sweating. Then let the product absorb into the skin 5-10 minutes before playing for maximum effect. Reapply as needed.