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4ON Total Grip Spray

AED 105.00
4on TotalGrip Spray is a highly advanced non-slip product that prevents sweat and leaves maximum grip and friction in conditions of humidity, sweat and heat.

The fine particle size in the aerosol is activated with moisture, this in combination with the adhesion that provides a high friction grip that optimizes control.
4on TotalGrip is a highly advanced anti-slip product that neutralizes sweat and generates friction between the racket and the hand that allows maximum control of our game in hot and humid conditions. The fine particles in the spray are activated by moisture and generate a sticky sensation that greatly improves gripping problems of the racket due to sweating of the palm of the hand. The better control and adherence achieved by the spray allow the hand that holds the racket to be more relaxed, improving the sensitivity of hitting the ball and avoiding possible elbow problems such as epicondylitis. Specially developed for padel, which makes it much more efficient than magnesium-chalk products.
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