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Adidas Adipower Ctrl Team 3.3 2024

AED 710.00

A racket for handling, for feeling the ball on every shot. It has the performance to shine in all situations.

The ADIPOWER CTRL TEAM 3.3 is a racket for high level players who make the difference through their mastery. It offers the best possible handling thanks to the optimal combination of Fiber Glass and EVA Soft Performance rubber. Handling and ball output in equal parts. In addition, it features technologies for a powerful attacking game. Dual Exoskeleton and Power Embossed Ridge reinforce the structure. The round shape allows for maximum control, a key factor for all types of shots, especially those that require more touch, such as spin. For this, the Spin Blade Decal roughness and the Smart Holes Curve hole patterns are the best allies.


To deploy maximum power, the racket must remain as rigid as possible under all circumstances. This technology involves a great reinforcement based on a double insertion of carbon fibers in the core and the frame of the racket, two of the key areas.


This technology covers the face of the racket with a rough surface with a high grip capacity. The friction with the ball is total, so the effects are carried out with astonishing ease.


Maximum power comes from a racket with maximum rigidity. For this, the reinforcements are fundamental. This carbon rib located on the outside of the frame increases the resistance to torsion in the most powerful impacts with the ball.


  •   Advanced
  •  Control
  •   Round
  • Even (265 mm)
  • 360-375gr
  • 460 cm2
  •   455 mm
  •  38 mm
  • 3M Protector Tape
  •  Eva Soft Performance
  • Fiber Glass
  •  Adipower
  •   2024
  •  Center
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