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Adidas Adipower Junior 3.3 2024

AED 350.00

Taking up padel is a special and significant moment for young players and they should therefore be accompanied by a racket that is specifically made for them. Junior players have their best companion here.

The ADIPOWER JUNIOR 3.3 is designed from the experience of working year after year for the new generations. Youngsters need to have the best tools at their disposal to grow in padel and this racket is one of them. Composed of Fiber Glass and EVA Soft Performance rubber it ensures maximum comfort and the easiest possible handling. The round shape favors the control style, essential in the initial stages of the game. To grow also in the attacking style, the racket incorporates technologies to gain in rigidity such as Exoskeleton and Structural Reinforcement. The arrangement of the Smart Holes Curve holes favors the creation of spin.


Maximum power comes from the rigidity of the racket. This reinforcement of the structure based on an insertion of carbon ribs in the core and frame improves its resistance to the large torsions to which it is subjected in the most powerful strokes.


The curved hole pattern is optimized so that the trajectory of the racket on these shots generates more friction with the holes to achieve much more noticeable spin.


A fundamental technology to achieve maximum power. The reinforcements on the perimeter of the racket increase rigidity. This high resistance to twisting in the face of strong impacts makes the difference in attacking play.


  •   Youth
  •  Control
  •   Round
  • Even (240mm)
  • 310-330gr
  • 449 cm2
  •   430 mm
  • 36 mm
  • Eva Soft Performance
  •  Fiber Glass
  •  Adipower
  •   2024
  •  Center
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