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Adidas Metalbone Team Light 3.3 2024

AED 790.00

A lightweight option to fly around the court and always execute the most effective shots.

The METALBONE TEAM LIGHT is a lightweight, high-performance racket. It is made for the most advanced players. The comfort of a lighter racket is combined with a high-power capacity thanks to the rigidity provided by technologies such as Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement. In terms of compounds, the combination of FIBER GLASS and EVA Soft Performance rubber offers a great balance. The Spin Blade Gritt incorporates a rough layer on the surface of the blade to generate the best spin. The arrangement of the Smart Holes Linear also optimizes this type of shots.


Maximum rigidity comes from the interior. This technology has a tubular structure with an octagonal section in the core of the racket that gives it great consistency. Its resistance to torsion is extremely high, so the most powerful shots are guaranteed.


The best effects come from the friction of the surface of the racket with the ball. This technology incorporates a rough layer in a sandy format that increases the adhesion in this type of shot.


The curved hole pattern is optimized so that the trajectory of the racket on these shots generates more friction with the holes to achieve much more noticeable spin.


  •   Advanced
  •  Control
  •   Round
  •  Even (265 mm)
  • 345-360gr (Light Weight)
  • 485 cm2
  •   455 mm
  •  38 mm
  •  Metalbone Protector Tape
  •  Eva Soft Performance
  •  Fiber Glass
  •  Metalbone
  •   2024
  •  Center
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