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Adidas Matalbone Youth 3.3 2024

AED 470.00

The youngest players have in this racket the best option to win from the first day and grow match after match.

The METALBONE YOUTH 3.3 is a racket designed and manufactured for young players looking to grow in padel. The Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement technologies provide the racket with high rigidity, which is essential for powerful shots. The material combination of EVA Soft Performance rubber and Fiber Glass provides comfort and a high handling capacity. The mission of this racket is to accompany children in their evolution in the world of padel. It is designed to perform at its best in the initial stages of learning as well as in higher level situations.


Maximum rigidity comes from the interior. This technology has a tubular structure with an octagonal section in the core of the racket that gives it great consistency. Its resistance to torsion is extremely high, so the most powerful shots are guaranteed.


A fundamental technology to achieve maximum power. The reinforcements on the perimeter of the racket increase rigidity. This high resistance to twisting in the face of strong impacts makes the difference in attacking play.


The curved hole pattern is optimized so that the trajectory of the racket on these shots generates more friction with the holes to achieve much more noticeable spin


  •   Youth
  •  Attack
  •   Diamond Oversized
  • Head Heavy (285mm)
  • 330-345gr
  • 485 cm2
  •   455 mm
  •  38 mm
  • Eva Soft Performance
  •  Fiber Glass
  •  Metalbone
  •   2024
  •  Alto
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