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Babolat Counter Veron 2022

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With this shovel… We are all the player with the most HANDLING of the court!

Our observation of the game and the players has led us to identify various player profiles. One of them, the counter attacker wants to be a wall and control the game with patience, waiting for the perfect ball to finish.

The Paddle Counter Veron 2022 racket has been developed in order to provide the necessary tolerance to withstand the blows of the opponents and provide dynamic power to finish the point

Get ready to exhaust your opponents with this shovel that will help you turn the game around and reveal your true identity: a COUNTER STRIKER!


Do you want to play with a carbon racket, but it is always very hard for you? Can't you optimize the explosiveness of the carbon? To help you, we have developed this shovel with the unique CARBÓN FLEX technology. Give it a try and you will discover a whole new sensation called dynamic power. Now you too can benefit from the power of carbon!

Using your speed to make a difference, what would you say if you could have an extremely manageable racket with even more power? You'd probably think it's impossible ... But we've done it! Thanks to its new hybrid shape and light weight, you can move even faster and generate power. Now you can be the AIR STRIKER you want to be!

Paddle tennis is above all a game that you should play without any hassle. We know that the stiffness of the blades can cause discomfort in the arm of some players. That is why our R&D team has worked to reduce the risks of injury. The new VIBRABSORB SYSTEM technology, Powered by SMAC, is made of an elastomeric material integrated into the construction of the blade. Play safely and with more comfort with every shot!

Technology Fabric of two different materials on the surface of the racquet to combine the benefits of both: the explosive power of carbon and the easy power of fiberglass. The perfect mix for a more flexible surface that offers dynamic power. 3D SPIN

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