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Footgel Padel Soles

AED 120.00

Discover comfort and functionality with the FOOTGEL insoles and get the most out of your matches and training sessions.

Tested by the Umana Biomechanical Analysis Center, guarantee and quality.

Its unique and exclusive triple layer has been developed for this purpose.

A grade 1 sanitary-certified insole developed to prevent and relieve foot (metatarsus and heel), knee, and lower back pain with a 30.9% shock absorption level (rated 10 out of 10 by the Umana® Biomechanical Institute). Footgel Paddle insoles are specifically recommended for athletes who want to play for longer, relieving pain in the feet, knees and lower back and leaving you free to enjoy your paddle games to the max.


  • Manufactured in Spain, with VEGAN Certification and EUROPEAN Medical Device Certification that guarantees the highest quality.
  • On-court cushioning and comfort make every game even more fun.
  • Protect your feet, knees, and lower back from injury with a unique triple layer of fabric, high-density foam, and maximum cushioning from the Termocrep Gel® . In short, they have all the properties of two technical
  • insoles in one.
  • They keep perspiration under control with 100% antibacterial foam and onSteam® microfibre fabric that absorbs eight times its weight in water and dries super-fast.
  • Impregnated with the scent of eucalyptus and machine washable.
  • Designed to fit your paddle shoes to perfection
  • Tested by the Umana® Institute of Biomechanical Analysis and Biomechanics of Valencia.
  • Flexible Structure: Sequential cushioning, its patented design architecture produces maximum comfort and foot support.
  • Non-slip: Patented design that provides quick drying avoiding slipping.
  • The patented design breathable gel allows a constant flow of air with each step, providing quick drying, avoiding humidity and bad odours.
  • Eucalyptus essence: With medicinal grade components. Stimulating properties and refreshing effect.
  • High Comfort: Sequential cushioning, its patented design architecture produces maximum comfort and foot support.


Ergonomic plantar support. In hot periods it can be worn without socks. Footgel uses a patented sequential cushioning design whose architecture allows shock absorption when walking or running, reducing pressure on the joints in general, neutralizing the chain of impacts: FOOT - KNEE - HIP - LUMBAR, offering a sensation of well-being and maximum comfort. .


  • Patented design
  • Allows constant airflow with each step
  • Eliminates moisture.
  • Eliminates the Odor 100%.
  • Breathable, keeps feet dry.


  • High degree of cushioning.
  • Sequential impact absorption.
  • Long durability without loss of properties.
  • Non-toxic Recyclable 100%
  • High degree of recovery.
  • High degree of elongation.
  • High degree of elasticity.


  • Latest generation microfiber.
  • Neutralizes germs, antibacterial
  • Antiallergic.
  • Washable.
  • Thermoregulator.
  • Free of Chromium 6 Ecological, manufacturing free of CO2 emissions.
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