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Tactical Jefe Padel Racket

AED 1,500.00

Created for all levels of players looking for maximum feel, power and control.
All rackets from Tactical Padel are handmade with the highest quality by padel experts. The materials used are of European production, which meets all CE regulations and environmental requirements.

With El Jefe, you take control of the game. With every shot you feel where the ball hits and you can easily place the ball where you want it to land. Thanks to its hybrid construction, you get an easy-to-play racket that provides an unbeatable sense of control. El Jefe will constantly remind you why you love padel.

El Jefe is so easy to play that it wins your trust instantly. Feel more confident when you add extra powder to your shots, when you lick a volley or when you perform a winding vibora.

El Jefe will make you a "boss" on the court - because it gives you the control
to direct the game.


Shape:  Round
Level:    All
Frame:  100% 3k carbon fiber, 100% kevlar
Foam:    5 layers of soft hybrid foam
Weight:  355 – 375 g
Weight balance: 25.5-26
Surface:   Double structure layer for maximum grip, Adjustable anti-bacterial, water-repellent band, Soft Plus grip handle with heat protection, total linear protection, UV protective special varnish

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