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Vibora Elite Tour Padel Ball - 6 Pack Bundle (6xCans)

AED 165.00
Their quality-price ratio is excellent, so you will enjoy a high-performance ball at an affordable price, so we recommend them to both professional players and amateurs for their quality. Regarding its construction, it stands out for the multilayer rubber that has been used, which helps to maintain pressure and increase its durability.

To finish, they have a yellow design and the name of the brand very large to have good visibility both on outdoor and indoor courts. Don't wait any longer and get the elite tour ball pot to enjoy a lively and long-lasting pot.

- The Vibora Elite Tour are for sale in a boat of 3 yellow balls.
- It reduces vibrations and generates a uniform flight.
- High density core to avoid pressure loss.
- Quality materials so you can use them for more matches.